Lets talk about bloating – Christmas meals make my tummy blow up!!

Anyone else bloat? This Christmas I have been walking around my house looking like a female version of Santa Claus. The festive parties and heavy meals has left me feeling quite uncomfortable.

Its not that I over indulge, my potion sizes are quite small in comparison to those around me; but I do feel that its the mix of different foods that have been contributing to my Christmas bloat.

I was very happy to see that I am not the only person who will admit to the bloat, Coronation Street’s Catherine Tyldesley shared pictures off her post Christmas pot belly with her fans.

(C) Mirror

Celebrities and social media has society today feeling that they should always look good. The pressure to have the perfect hair, make up and body is adding stress to everyone especially teenagers and new mums.

Magazines airbrush photos of celebrities. Airbrushing can slim you down, take away wrinkles and even change your skin colour! These images are a false representation of what ‘real people’ look like.

Since giving birth to my first child 5 years ago, I have noticed after certain meals my tummy bloats. I am not just talking a little, the bloat makes me look pregnant!

I have been to the doctor about this on many occasion, only to be told to cut certain foods out of my diet and see what happens. I was told to cut out wheat, gluten and dairy. I started a food diary and went back to basics, I literally cut everything out of my diet and slowly introduced the ‘trigger’ foods back in one at a time.

It was no good, I found even an apple could aggravate my tummy.

After a year of cutting back foods I found I was only ‘tummy happy’ eating basic foods such as chicken and salad.

I went back to the doctor – You might have celiac disease

Signs and symptoms of celiac disease may include:

gas (flatulence, farting)
swollen ankles (edema)
vitamin K deficiency
excessive bruising and bleeding

A blood sample was taken to see if I did have celiac disease. When the results came back it showed I was anaemic but had no indications of celiac disease.

After this I went on to have a gastroscopy. This is a procedure where a thin, flexible tube called an end oscope is used to look inside the oesophagus (gullet), stomach and first part of the small intestine (duodenum). Samples are collected for testing.

The results came back – Nope, don’t have celiac disease.

After years of poking and prodding my doctor diagnosed me with IBS.

Left feeling pretty crap about my bloat I have decided to now restrict my diet, I rarely eat during the day if I am out and about. Its upsetting and uncomfortable living with this BLOAT. It affects my life in so many ways but I know I am not alone. Many find that certain foods trigger the symptoms I have, but we JUST DONT TALK ABOUT IT!

SOOO…me being me, and not really giving a rats ass what people think. I decided I would share my bloated gut with the world!

The before shots are taken in the morning before I have eaten anything that could trigger the bloat. The after shots are taken just after lunch where I ate an apple and a ham and mustard sandwich.

The before and after shots are quite shocking. The speed in which my tummy reacted to a simple lunch is clear to be seen.

After eating I felt uncomfortable and wanted to change my gym bottoms for something a little bigger. I did not as the photos had to be taken wearing the same clothes just to show how much my tummy bloats.

Below is a picture before I’ve eaten

This one is taking after

Comparison side view ( I was not showing you all my stretch marks lol)

This photo was taking in the morning

The bloat!!

As you can see its quite clear to be seen in the photos. Like I said, I am not alone, there are many of us out there with this problem. My husband suffers the bloat too!!

I’d love to see how many of my readers experience this, please comment below.




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