Ways To Make Naughty Food Healthy – Guest post

If you were stuck on an island and all you could eat was one food the entire time, you probably wouldn’t choose a health food.

Many dodge the dreaded foods that typically taste like grass but you don’t have to avoid eating well forever.
It’s a common misconception that good for you food tastes bad but it is quite the opposite. You can make good tasting healthy food and you won’t even miss your donuts at all!

Don’t Ditch Chocolate
Chocolate is actually one of those foods that is already good for you. The reason it gets such a bad rep is because its super processed and contains barely if any percentage of cocoa. From now on when you want chocolate you should look for the kind that has at least 60% dark cocoa and minimally added sugar. You will actually notice that this chocolate may give you added energy as well as increase in happy mood.

We All Love Pasta
It is no secret that carbs can contribute to weight gain but they taste so good. Swapping noodles for pasta can be beneficial to your overall health, especially if you consume a lot of white pasta. Try smoking zucchini in a natural gas smoker then spiralling for a new take on pasta. The smoked flavour will add depth to your dishes and you could serve this with a warm hearty sauce or as pasta salad.

We Scream for Healthy Ice Cream
Ice cream is the perfect dessert and can be enjoyed anytime of the year. As many frozen yogurt establishments pop up in the UK, getting you hands on this treat is easier than ever before.  Unfortunately these places seem to offer every topping under the sun making this otherwise healthy treat not so great for you. Instead of over doing it with toppings, the next time you have frozen yogurt just stick to adding fruit and granola, that way you are not adding extra calories to this low-calorie food.

DIY Pizza
Ordering take out pizza is the easy way out. It is very convenient and fast. If you are someone who loves to eat pizza it’s worth making your own healthy version with a cauliflower crust. Roasting the cauliflower then mashing and forming into dough makes cauliflower crust,  you then add your favourite sauce and toppings. It really is that simple. Make this dough ahead of time and store in your freezer, that way the next time you crave pizza you can make the right decision.

Fizzy Drinks Are A No No
Consuming fizzy drinks is like consuming invisible calories. Water is awesome for you and basically calorie free but many can’t drink because of it being flavourless. The solution is to drink flavoured carbonated water with little to no added sugar. You could buy plain carbonated water and add to all natural fruit juice. For a more permanent solution consider investing in a sodastream.
You can still enjoy the foods you love by swapping out the bad stuff for the good. Make healthy eating decisions. It won’t happen overnight but starting by changing the foods you most commonly eat is definitely a foot towards the right direction. Once you begin to start eating right, you will shed the pounds in addition to improving your overall quality of life. For your health’s sake get out there and start making your favorite foods healthy!

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