The highs and lows week three – Schools out for summer

Ah well, where do I start.


The week started good, kids were picked up by my mum on Monday morning. Richard and I then had time to get ready for our friends wedding.

The wedding was great, we both had such a fantastic day and both let our hair down a bit knowing that the boys were safe having a sleepover at Nanny’s.

The following day the boys came home midday…this worked well for us. I was not feeling to good, my head was feeling a little funny.


It was a strange day. I woke and felt full of energy as I have been for the past few weeks. I wrote three posts back to back and then started to write a little of my novel I am working on.

Boys were fine, usual wild selves. My Uncle’s partner gave birth to a healthy baby boy…I should be feeling great yes? But I was not…I think everything had caught up with me and I was both mentally and physically drained.

I put the boys to bed and poured myself a port, something I never drink. I sat myself down and continued to work on my novel. Writers block is a pain…my mind went blank so I looked at places to get fast mental health support.

I reached out to some family members, again something I never do. I told them I was not feeling great. All of a sudden I am at crisis point…I had a meltdown. You can read about my meltdown (Trigger warning) if you click HERE¬†

Cut a long story short I ended up in hospital but only stayed overnight.


I came home the following afternoon…its my dads birthday today.

I am very dizzy and sedated so I sleep most of the day. Richard takes care of the boys.


I am still heavily sedated but end up going to get a coil fitted so I can start my mood stabiliser without fears of falling pregnant. Medication I need will interact with most contraception and I could fall pregnant so this had to be done.

That afternoon my lovely friend popped over with her kids and she helped entertain the boys making sock puppets whilst I lay on the sofa, sedated and in agony.


I wake in some pain but try to get back on track. The boys are bored…we need to get out. Richard was best man at the wedding so he has to get the suits back to town. We decide to join him. I am on a concoction of medication at the moment so I probably looked like a zombie walking around…but we did get out.


Feeling much better after a good nights sleep I wake feeling less foggy minded. Today we are going to meet the boys Nanny, Aunt and Uncle in town, they are really excited because they will be seeing their cousin.

It took us a little longer to get ready than usual…on a positive note though I only took one tablet for my nerves so I was less sedated today. The boys had a good day.


Rest day, we all stayed in our PJ’s and watched movies all day.


The boys Aunt came over and my friend took me out shopping. It was only a trip to home bargains but I had a nice break. I walked up and down the aisle’s without…MUM…can I have this, an can I have that.

After my little break I came home with treats for the boys. We watched a movie and then they went to bed. Was a calm night.


Cleaning day, I had a day to clean even though the boys followed behind undoing all the cleaning I had been doing.


Daddy had a bad tummy overnight so the boys and I woke early and read some books. We then had a good giggle about farts…yes farts lol. I am starting to feel a bit more like myself. Things are looking brighter.



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