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I have recently written a few posts regarding Christmas gifts and what I am to buy for family members this year. – I really hope they pay no attention to my blog…Haha…anyway, I am stuck for what to buy my brother in law.

The man I have in mind has a lot of lovely things already and I really dont want to get him a pair of socks or an awful hanky.

Lucky for me…and him…I was approached by EvoShave.

EvoShave, the award winning and innovative new razor system will be available in select stores from December.

They are so new the website is still not live! I feel privileged to be one of the first writing about this truly genius invention.

So what is EvoShave?

EvoShave is a new type of shaving system. It’s the first advance in razor design for over 100 years!

The razor has a unique EvoGrip design which lets you control the blade with your fingertips. You can quite literally touch shave!
I am not sure my dad would use it however….I think this new shaving system will be the future of shaving.
 To WIN and be one of the first to try EvoShave enter – a Rafflecopter giveaway
To find out more about EvoShave check them out on Facebook and  Twitter

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