Bespoke Gift Wrap: Personalise your Valentines Day gift with an exclusive reader offer

St Valentine’s Day is an annual festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship and admiration.

On 14 February people celebrate this day by sending Valentine’s Day cards to someone they love. Traditionally, cards were sent often anonymously to a person one was romantically involved with or attracted to.

In nowadays, Valentines Day is a day honour your loved one by showering them with presents and flowers. Tables at fancy restaurants are often booked as couples spend this special day together.

Some like to send cards to celebrate the day to family, friends and even pets!

A Valentines gift should be special. Once you have bought a gift, you will want to wrap it. Some stores offer a Valentines Day wrapping service but this is only available if you purchase the gift in store and it’s not personalised.

What if you could personalise your gift wrap? What if you could write ‘Will You Marry Me’ on the ring you have wrapped? What if you could personalise your gift wrap to express how you feel about that special someone? Would you?

Pretty Gifted offer personalised bespoke gift wrap and I have a readers offer to share with you.

Experienced paper & printing people with an eye for quality, Pretty Gifted have covered the world to source the finest papers & metallic foil finishes. All you need to do is add the final creative touch to create your own truly unique extraordinary gift wrap.

It couldn’t be simpler! First I chose from a collection of quality-weight 90gsm papers in an array of luxury colours. Then I picked from one of five fonts (in 3 sizes to fit any design), I then selected my favourite metallic foil and wrote my message of up to 60 characters.

I was surprised to see how fast my order arrived. My personalised wrap was with me just 3 days after I placed my order.
The gift wrap arrived in a protective cardboard box, inside was my beautiful gift wrap, a tag and silver gel pen.

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Disclaimer: I received a personalised sheet of gift wrap for an honest review


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