A customisation makeup station and Boots launch a new makeup range CYO – All products are under £7.50!

Cardiff Boots store launches an affordable new makeup line CYO, exclusively available at Boots. They are also welcoming a new customisation makeup station – Obsession Makeup London.


Let’s start with CYO

The affordable range is sure to be a hit with all. The entire range costs under £7.50! With the main focus being #MIXLAYERHACK the versatile range can be used in different ways and it can be mixed and matched.

The range has 200 products, prices start at an affordable £3.50 and with the knowledge that you can use the products in different ways, you will never have to spend money on unnecessary makeup.


I loved that you could use the eyeshadow as both a lipstick and eyeshadow! CYO is definitely going in my makeup bag!

Now, Obsession Makeup London

Obsession Makeup London is changing the way we buy makeup, with its customisation stations you now have the freedom to customise your foundation, choose your own makeup products and colours for your palettes.


The palettes are by far the best. You pick a palette, from many colours and then say goodbye to buying an eyeshadow palette and only using 2 or 3 colours. You can fill your palette with whatever you fancy! Pick from blushers, eyeshadows, highlighters or a mixture of all. It’s completely up to you!


The boots product launch was fantastic. Shoppers were invited to try the new products and have a mini makeover if they fancied it.

The next venue to host the product launch will be Boots, Swansea on Saturday May 12th. If your out shopping, be sure to pop in.

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