An out of this world product launch – Benefit BADgal BANG! mascara review

As most of my readers are aware, I love make up! I do confess to being a Dior Addict and I must admit that I am quite particular when it comes to the brands I use. I am an oldie, this reflects itself with the brands I use and therefore my make up bag consist mostly of Dior and Yves Saint Lauren.

When I was invited to attend a Benefit Cosmetics event I was unsure of the brand, I had read lots of positive reviews, however, I thought the brand was aimed at a younger audience. Boy was I in for a shock when I realised Benefit is for everyone!

The event itself took place at the Esecentual offices in Cardiff. As I walked up to the event I noticed that there was a big silver spaceship outside the building. I was welcomed by a man and women dressed in spacesuits! They led me into the building where I was welcomed by friendly staff and a mini bottle of prosecco.

I had a little chat to Antonia, the lady who had invited me to the event, she checked me in and handed me a small card with a time on it. The card was my ticket into the space pod that waited outside the building.

As I had a little time before my out of this world experience in the space pod;  I made my way upstairs where I found a large room filled with pool and air hockey tables. In the middle of the room I found a table filled with the latest perfumes and men’s colognes.

While upstairs I had a little look around the building and helped myself to some Pornstar Martinis made by Be at One Cardiff.

Very friendly staff
Pornstar Martini

My time had come, I was about to step into the space pod. While in the space pod a friendly make up artist introduced us to Benefits new product. BADgal BANG! mascara, a weightless mascara that claims it lifts and lengthens lashes for up to 36 hours.

Could this product really help lift my lashes? The product itself defiantly looked like it could.

The mascara is infused with gravity-defying molecules, it also contains aero particles, an extremely lightweight space-derived technology which helps to lift and add extra dimension to lashes.

The mascaras streamlined slimpact! brush is soft and flexible, It helped me to apply a few coats to my lashes without my eyelashes going clumpy. Once applied my eyelashes looked fuller and they were noticeably lifted. No clumpy or overdone look here thank you! I believe it is all down to its lash-boosting lightweight formula. The mascara is also smudge-proof and water-resistant.

Fantastic product! One I will defiantly be adding to my make up bag in the future.

After my pod experience I did a bit of networking with other bloggers and had a look around a room filled with Make Up Forever products.

My mum had a makeover with Make Up Forever.

My Mummy!

The event was over it was time to go. On my way out I was giving a bag filled with beauty products, some I know of and some I am yet to try.

More beauty product reviews will be on the way soon!

To order your very own Benefit BADgal BANG! please CLICK HERE 

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