Mayraki – Intense Hair breakage and hair loss shampoo review #AD


I was sent Mayraki hair loss products in exchange for an honest review.

Since the birth of my sons, my hair has been thinning. My hair is so brittle it often snaps and falls out.

Although hair loss after pregnancy is normal, it usually resolves itself after a few months, however, for some mums, hair loss becomes the norm.

I was recently sent Mayraki an intense hair regrowth and anti-hair fall kit. I have been using the products for 3 weeks now and I have to say, my hair has never felt better.

Mayraki Hair Growth & Anti Hairloss Shampoo Kit 

Enriched with natural vegan ingredients such as castor oil, almond oil, and the highest concentration of Artemisia argyi extract. This kit boosts hair regrowth, thickens and strengthens hair strands, and prevents hair fall.

This kit is infused with anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients that will provide a thorough cleanse of the scalp and hair. The products remove any build-up that might be causing any hair growth problems.

This shampoo kit is ideal for oily hair and heavy product users to deep cleanse, and put volume and bounce back into the tresses.

Since using the products, my hair is visibly thicker hair and my locks feel nourished from the inside out.


Mayraki Scalp Purifying & Anti-Aging Cleanser
Step 1.
I apply this product to my roots and then wash it out.
This product makes my roots squeaky clean.

Mayraki Anti Hair loss & Hair Growth Shampoo
Step 2.
I use this after step 1, I wash my scalp and hair with it and then wash out.
This shampoo smells amazing, it is slightly herbal and menthol. It leaves my scalp feeling hydrated and soothed. Two pumps is all I need and I have long hair.

My hair is easy to style, soft and full of life after every wash. I would compare it closely to an Olaplex treatment.

For more information, please head to – Mayraki Anti Hairloss & Hair Growth Shampoo Kit (

Love always,
Charlotte x

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