Practices you can use to improve your make-up

So you want to stand out among your friends but you don’t know just how you can pull this off, right? Well, make up, in as much as almost every lady out there likes wearing them, most of them still don’t get it right.

There are a lot of things that you need to make sure you have in place for the make up to come out perfectly and even more beautiful. This is usually the difference between an ordinary person and the professionals.

But hey, what do you think these professionals do to come up with such a great work when it comes to this make up business that you can’t afford to do? Is it the time they spend on the work? Do they use different products than the ones you got? Well, below are some tips on how you can improve on your make-up game. You can also check out NCLA Beauty to find out more on make-up.

• Cleanse your skin systematically
Without properly cleaning the face, forget about having a perfect make up finish. Just like in painting, you need to clean up the surface first before applying the paint otherwise you will not have a good painting experience.

As you go through your daily routine, a lot of dust usually accumulates on your skin thus preventing it from breathing properly.

This also affects how the make-up will hold on the skin. Always remember to use an exfoliating cleanser once in a week just to smoothen and purify the skin.

• Using skin care products
It is also important to use the right skin care products when applying make-up. We all know that to have a successful make-up application, you have to start with a good preparation on the skin, right? Well, maybe not all of us know this but then it’s true.

Your skin needs to be moisturized first as this base will allow the foundation to appear more luminous and even. Be careful and choose these skin care products according to what your skin wants. Click here to see more on skin care products.

• Conceal imperfections
Consider using the tinted concealers as they enable you to cover the flaws on your skin. Usually blended 2 to 2, the colors will always cancel each other.

For instance, the green will neutralizes the rosacea red, any recent scars, blood vessels that are visible and the redness of the post-laser.

On the other hand, the yellow will offset the blue from the under-eye circles, any bruising after a surgery or even varicosity.

• Even out your complexion
This is another great tip that a lot of people usually forget when ding their make-up. You need to start by applying the foundation with the four dabs, that’s the cheekbones, the chin, the nose spine and the forehead.

You will later need to spread it outward the same way you apply a cream. This method of application will just remain the same regardless of the type of foundation you decide to go with.

You can apply the foundation using a brush but use your fingers to blend it to give out that natural look.

• Fix it
When applying make-up you need to be very careful. Even when you have done everything perfectly, being lousy on the few last moves might just ruin everything you have spent much time on.

Set both the foundation and the concealer by finishing up with a cloud of powder. This will also help to mattify the areas which appears to be shinny or oily like the chin, the sides of your nose and the forehead.

Additionally, if you want to extend how the make up holds, you can use mineral water mister. Hold it like 30cm away from your face then spray.

• Sculpting
You said you wanted to stand out among your friends, right? Okay. Try using a blush to sculpt your face. This will help you to have a healthy glow.

You need to apply the brush to your cheek’s apples as this will most definitely give you a burst of radiance. This color touch will just be what you need for your complexion to be liven up.

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Well, you wanted to know what the professionals usually do that you don’t, right? These are just a few of what is usually done. If you want to improve on your make-up game, just follow these few simple tips and you will be good to go.

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