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The book we are reading today is called As nice as Pie by Gary Sheppard with illustrations by Tim Budgen.

All children’s book reviews are wrote with my four year old son.

As nice as Pie is a story about Mavis, Mavis loves cooking and sharing. One day some greedy birds take advantage of her generosity so she cooks up a plan to teach them a lesson.

Mummy is reading me a new book today, It is called ‘As nice as Pie’ “ummmm…I love pie”.


One day Mavis see’s a little bird on her shed roof so chucks the lonely bird a piece of fresh baked bread. “Mavis is very kind Mummy, I like her smile”.

The next day two birds appeared so Mavis gave them some biscuits. By day three Mavis baked a batch of buns for the birds.

A week or so later there were more than twenty birds waiting for Mavis to bake them some food. “Poor Mavis, she looks very tired Mummy, I think she needs some help”.

The birds were being really naughty, they were demanding food!

‘Bring us our food and bring us it now’

Something had to be done Mavis had too much on her plate.

Mavis’s plan is to bake a big pie, the biggest pie ever. Mavis was to teach these naughty birds a lesson…

What did Mavis do I wonder?? You will have to find out yourself.

Mummy’s thoughts

Ethan thought this book was great, he really liked the story and the illustrations. I thought the story was fun, I enjoyed reading it. I look forward to more enjoyable stories from Gary Sheppard.

We were given a copy of ‘As nice as Pie’ for an honest review for Primary Times magazine.




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