Auntie Gobble-Bottom and the Bubble Bars – Review

Auntie Gobble-Bottom

We received Auntie Gobble-Bottom and the Bubble Bars in exchange for an honest #review

Children’s book reviews are written from my 7 year old sons perspective.

Auntie Gobble-Bottom and the Bubble Bars by Muntari Glunk.

“Auntie Gobble-Bottom wants to be full of bubbles, but her nephew Archie, has other ideas. Then an unexpected turn of events launches Auntie on a whole new bubble-tastic journey…”

Yay Mummy a new book! This looks fantastic! I hope it is just as funny as Mr Plasternots presents, The Boy with Worlds Tallest Hair.

We start the story with Auntie Gobble-Bottom, Auntie grew up dreaming about bubbles. She absolutely just loves bubbles and its all she talks about. The world according to Auntie should be a world full of bubbles, for a world without bubbles is pointless.

Not everyone shared the same dream as Auntie and she was often called names. Because everyone was mean to her, she locked herself away in her house.

One day, Aunties nephew Archie came to visit her. When he entered her house, his eyes were met with a BIG machine! Auntie had made a bubble machine, the Bubble-tastic Maker! The machine was able to produce Bubble Bars!

“Wow Mum! That machine is pretty big! I would love to invent something like this when I am big”

The Bubble Bars were so tasty! Auntie Gobble-Bottom would eat the bars for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and even supper!

Archie was worried about Auntie. Eating Bubble Bars all day was not good for her. Archie decided to make Auntie a Bubble Cake instead. He thought that if Auntie eats the entire cake, she would be sick and never want to eat a Bubble Bar ever again!

Archie’s plan fails, the cake does not make her sick at all! Instead, Auntie grows and grows and grows.

And so begins the Bubble-tastic story of Auntie Gobble-Bottom. This story will have you laughing your pants off!

If you would like to find out what happens to Auntie after she grows, please visit –
You can also Download Audiobooks by Muntari Glunk.



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