Daisy Daydream the Nursery Rhyme Bus – Review

Daisy Day Dream The Nursery Rhyme Bus

We were recently sent Daisy Day Dream the Nursery Rhyme Bus to review #AD #Gifted


All children’s book reviews are written with my 7 year old son, Ethan.

“Wow mum, another new book to read! I love reading new books. This one looks fun!”

Daisy Daydream the Nursery Rhyme Bus by Sue Wickstead

Daisy was a happy red bus who loved traveling the busy streets of London. When newer and shinier buses came along, the older buses like Daisy began to disappear. Would Daisy become one of the forgotten buses, or was something else planned for her?

The story begins with Daisy, a red bus that travels the streets of London with her driver Phillip and bus conductor Val. Daisy loves driving the Oxford street route, but one day a shiny red bus comes along with doors at the front and no need for a conductor!

“I would like to go to London one day mum, the red buses look cool and I could go and see Paddington at Paddington Station!”

The new bus seems much better than the older buses like Daisy, the new bus is able move around the tight corners of London and this makes Daisy worry.

“I feel sorry for Daisy mum. I hope Val and Phillip can do something”

Daisy knows that she will soon be replaced like the other old buses, she wonders what will happen to her. Will Daisy be sold to a museum or collector? Will Daisy be broken down for spare parts? What will happen to Val’s job if no conductor is needed on the new buses?!

“Oh no! They can’t break her, that’s not fair, and poor Val will have no job, what will she do?”

Phillip and Val come up with a plan. They read about an old bus that was painted and turned into a play bus for children. Could Val and Phillip buy Daisy and turn her into a play bus? You will have to read the book to find out!

Amazon – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Daisy-Daydream-Nursery-Rhyme-Bus/dp/099307376X

For more information about the author, please click HERE

“So Ethan, what did you like about the story?”

” I really liked the pictures, there was lots of reading to do so it helped with my learning. I loved the ending, it made me feel really happy. Oh and I think the end pages are really fun, its good to know that there is a bus like this in real life.  Harrison (age 5) really liked the story too, its made him think about the red buses in London. Harrison’s favorite part was the pictures of the nursery time characters.”

Mummy’s thoughts:
The book aimed for 5-9 year olds was a joy to read with my sons, Ethan read majority of it which I was impressed with. The story is based on fact and that made it more interesting. Sue has again wowed us with her writing, she manages to grab the full attention of the boys with her wonderful stories. The illustrations were fun and well fitted to the story. We thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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