Dog on Wheels by Gillian McClure – Fun and energetic!!

Dog on Wheels by Gillian McClure published by Troika Books (A new children’s independent set up by publisher Martin West)

Dog pals Dubbin and Todd are going on a walk before breakfast: Dubbin on his skateboard and Todd lagging behind on his paws. Not only that but Todd is also carrying a huge bone which is attracting attention from another, not so nice dog. Can Dubbin, Todd and the bone get home safely?

This review is written from the perspective of my 5 year old son.

Look mum, look at the dog on a skateboard! I really like the cover of this book its funny. The book we are reading today is about two dogs named Dubbin and Todd. Dubbin is my favourite, he rides on a skate board and goes really really fast. Todd is a bit boring, he takes ages to walk and he is always complaining about the massive bone that he has taken with him on his morning walk.

Dubbin thinks Todd should bury his bone because he is moaning about it, but then a naughty dog takes the hidden bone! Will Todd get it back??

I think the pictures in this book are fun, I like that the book rhymes and my little brother likes the naughty dog who takes the bone.

Mummy’s thoughts

I thought the book was enjoyable, fun and energetic.  I read it to both my 5 and 2 year old sons and they loved it!  Illustrations are fantastic!  

This review was done on behalf of Primary Times. We receive complimentary books in exchange for an honest review.

All views are our own.

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