Eat Your People – A review

Its time for mummy and me to read my new book Eat Your People by Lou Kuenzler & David Wojtowycz.

Wow mum, this book has a huge monster on the cover…I love monsters. I am interested in this book straight away.

This book is about a little monster named Monty, Monty does not like eating people for his dinner. Monty thinks that people are chewy, crunchy and full of bones.

Monty’s mum and dad love to eat people, his sister Monica likes eating people so much that she wants to eat Monty’s people off his plate!

I did like this book, I thought it was quite funny that the monsters were eating people and the people kept trying to run off the plate to hide. My favorite part was when the monster eats all the people and then gets to eat yummy fairy cakes for dessert…fairy cakes with real fairies in them!

Mummy’s thoughts

I was not as enthusiastic about this book as Ethan was. I thought this book had great illustrations and the story was easy enough for a little one to understand however, Monsters eating real people was not my cup of tea. My four year old found the book funny and wanted to read it again so its one for the little ones.

Ethan is four years old and reviews books for Primary Times magazine, as a thank you Ethan gets to keep the books he reviews.

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