Ethan Reviews The Beedog by Addie Broussard

Children’s book reviews are written from my 6 year old sons perspective.

The Beedog

We have been sent a new book to review. This book is called The Beedog, It’s written by Addie Broussard.

The Beedog is about a girl named Cora who goes on a day trip to Carvalho beach in Portugal. Cora invites her neighbour Manny to the beach.

“I love it when I can invite my friends on a day trip, Cora must be very happy!”

On the way to the beach in the car, Cora sees that Manny has packed a toilet paper! “Why would he need a toilet paper mum? Maybe it’s for a poop! Hahahaha”

At the beach, Cora and Manny play with the sand. The sand is really hot, it burns Mannys feet! “Oh mum, remember when I went to the beach with my school? The sand burned my feet too! ”

Manny and Cora decide to build a sand castle that looks like Cora’s cat Luna. Once Luna is built they add seaweed as a collar and seashells for claws. One thing is missing though? Ahh, toilet paper! Manny covers her in the toilet paper.

” Mum, is that because she’s a naughty kitty who plays with the paper? My little brother does that! ”

Whilst playing on the beach, Manny sees something moving in the sand. It’s moving and digging, what could it be?

Not on the beach

Looking closer they notice it looks like a wasp making a sand castle. It’s not a normal wasp though. This one has really big eyes!!

“My little brother loves this part of the book. He thinks the wasp looks funny.”

Cora and Manny name the wasp a Beedog. “Beedog? What’s a Beedog!?”

Cora takes a video of the beedog on her phone. Cora wants to go home and find out what the sand castle building beedog is.

An investigation is needed. Will Cora and Manny find out what the Beedog is?

Investigation time

The Beedog, an award-winning picture book that will get little ones excited about science is available from Amazon

Mummy’s thoughts

The Beedog is a funny, engaging and educational children’s book. My sons aged 3 and 6 years thoroughly enjoyed reading this with me. It’s a must read. I really enjoyed the illustrations by Joyeeta Neogi and the informative fun facts about the sand wasps. The printable activities are a bonus.

Picture of activities


  1. Addie

    I’m delighted to see you all enjoyed the adventure! I hope you can download the activities too for extended learning and fun in the backyard. Thank you for writing a review and taking part in the tour. Happy reading! 🙂

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