Ethans review – ORDER ORDER! by Nigel Tetley

Children’s book reviews are written from my 5 year old sons perspective.

A new book arrived for me this morning, it’s called ORDER ORDER! My mum is going to read it to my brother and I.

My mum points out to me that this book has 4 different stories in it.

The first story in the book is The Great Penguin Race. This story is about 10 penguins having a race. One by one they fall down or get dizzy and have to stop running. We count with the book until the tenth penguin is left. I love to count, Maths is my favourite subject in school so I really liked the first story.

The second story in the book is called Animal Antics. This story is about the days of the week. With each day of the week, we see an animal do something funny. From a snake sprinkling pepper on a cake to a  happy heron laughing sooo much that they lay a melon, this story was very funny. My little brother Harry loved Animal Antics.

The third story Little Lucy Ladybird was my favourite. Its about a little ladybird who’s spots are blown away on a windy day. The spots have blown everywhere, one even lands on the moon! Again with this story you had to count as we followed Lucy while she tried to find the first, second, third, fourth and fifth spot.

The fourth story Handy Fingers was a rhyme about what you can do with your fingers…like point, poke and hook them.

I really did enjoy this book. I hid it in my big book case because Mummy kept taking it and putting on her work desk.

Mummy’s thoughts
We have been fans of Author Nigel Tetley since the release of his first book Two Fat Cows. His books are always filled with likeable characters, great storylines and rhyming words. I loved how ORDER ORDER! has a mathematical theme which I found to be engaging and entertaining for my boys.

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