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I usually write children’s book reviews with my four year old son but when we were sent this book he said his little brother would probably like it too.

So I decided to read this book to both my boys. Harry is now 2  years old and is just at the age where he will actually listen to me read a book rather than just turn pages like he used to do when he was a bit younger.

So now on to the story – Every Bunny Dance by Ellie Sandell.

Did you know that bunnies love to dance? Did you know they love to sing and play the flute? There’s a lot they get up to when nobody’s watching! But while they’re having fun, they don’t notice that someone is creeping nearer. Does he mean trouble?

When nobody is watching its the perfect chance for every bunny to blow a horn, bang a drum, play the flute and for every bunny to dance. One day a fox is watching…should every bunny run!?

Harry liked the pictures of the rabbits, Ethan my four year old thought the pictures of them wearing party hats were funny.

This book is perfect for all the family to enjoy, the illustrations are beautiful. Both Harry and Ethan were fully involved with and enjoyed the story. They both started to dance with every bunny!

Ethan said the book was fun and it made him laugh.

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