Fred by Mick & Chloe Inkpen – Book review

All Children’s books reviews are wrote from my four year old Sons perspective.

Fred by Mick and Chloe Inkpen.

I love getting new books to read with Mummy. Last night we read Fred.


Fred is about a really cute dog who is very well behaved. He listens well to his owners and he can understand them. When he is told to sit, fetch ball, walk and sit he does everything he should. The only word he does not understand is FRED.

He wonders what is a Fred, he wants to Fred but don’t know how. “Silly dog Mummy, Fred is his name”!

The book tells the story of how Fred learns to understands his name.

I really liked this book, the pictures were nice. I like dogs but Mummy wont let me have one. Maybe when I am bigger I can get a dog and name him Fred.

Mummy’s thoughts

We both enjoyed this book. It was well written and got me thinking about a dogs thoughts…very strange lol. I think it would be a lovely book for a child with a dog.

We were given a complimentary copy of the book for an honest review.

Ethan writes for Primary Times, you can read more of his reviews here



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