Loud Daniel O’Dowd By Julie Fulton

My 3 year old sons review.

Mummy can I get a pair of headphones like the boy on the cover of our new book…please…please.

I love reading new books with mummy its my favourite part of my day. Tonight we are reading a book in The Ever So Series By Julie Fulton.

Daneil O’Dowd is about a boy who is really loud, he does not listen to anybody. He shouts wherever he goes like the zoo where he shouts so loud he scares the animals and makes them hide.


When he shouts at school his teacher tells him that if he stopped shouting he might hear something useful. My mummy tells me to be quite sometimes, especially when we are on the bus…but I get so bored on buses.

One day the class go to visit a professor who builds really cool things. The professor has made a telescope made out of cheese….I like cheese mum but I don’t think you could make a telescope out of it…could you??

Daniel has a look in the telescope and sees a huge rock in space heading for Earth!

Because Daniel shouts so loud the professor sends him up to space to shout at the rock and shatter it.


I like the part of the book when Daniel is in space because he can see all the stars and an alien.

Daniel shouts at the rock and saves the day, he is so happy and loud that he cant hear the professor tell him how to return home from space. Daniel gets scared then he remembers that if he don’t shout he will hear something useful instead.

He hears the professor and gets back home safe.

I really liked this book, we read it twice in one sitting because I like the alien in the spaceship and when Daniel goes to space.

Mums thoughts

I really enjoyed reading this book to my son. The words flowed very nicely and the story kept my sons attention very well. Great illustrations, another great book by Julie Fulton.

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