My Dad will do – Perfect read for Dads

My name is Ethan I am 3 years old. I love reading…Here is my book review.

I usually read my new books with my mummy but today mummy said ‘read that one with daddy’

Daddy sat with me and we began to read My Dad will do by Martin Thomas. Instantly I recognised the drawings…the drawings looked very much like my other book I read with mummy yesterday . I love elephants, I was eagerly waiting to start the book.

This book is about a baby and a daddy elephant. Baby elephant is so small he cant do the things that daddy can, baby cant hang his coat up high, he cant reach up to get his favourite games off the shelf, he’s so small he cant even reach the pedals on his bike! Don’t worry baby elephant, daddy is there to do these things for you. Daddy is always there to help baby do the things he cant until he grows big like daddy.

My favourite part of the book is right at the end when daddy picks baby elephant up and puts him on his shoulders. Baby is taller than the sky and way up high…he can reach everything! I like this part because my daddy puts me on his shoulders and it makes me happy.

I really like this book 🙂

Mummy’s thoughts,

This is the second book we have read by Martin Thomas and again, great illustrations by Ag Jatkowska, well written and defiantly makes Ethan happy. It was lovely to watch my husband read this book to our son as you could see them bonding and smiling. Excellent book.

Review done on behalf of Primary Times

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