My Halloween Read – The Naked Witch

This is a book review

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year.

As soon as it’s October the Halloween decorations go up, the pumpkin carving begins, horror movies are on the box and I read a horror or magical novel.

This year I was sent The Naked Witch by Wendy Steele.

When reading the book synopsis I was excited. I knew a book about an everyday witch would be right up my street and it would be a perfect October read.

The story focuses on an everyday witch Elizabeth Martin. Lizzie is a single mum to 14 year old daughter Rowen.

Lizzie’s husband took off ten years ago to travel the world and become a life coach and motivational speaker – stolen ideas from Lizzie.

With her ex husband, an absent father, nowhere to be found, Lizzie tries her best to raise Rowen on her own and hold down a job.

Her only solace is her ‘mum cave’ which is at the bottom of her garden.

Inside her solace you will find there are no distractions like calenders, files and other modern world items. Instead you will find draped rugs and rich tapestries, ancient rugs and an ancient chaise lounge.

In Lizzie’s escape there is also a dust free alter and in the middle of this fantastic alter stands a curvaceous wooden figure of the goddess. I have this figure at home so I could imagine what Lizzie’s safe space would be like – A beautiful room is in my mind.

All seems good and safe in Lizzie’s life, that is until there is a change at work and Lizzie is forced to reapply for her job. And not only does she have to reapply, she has to go against her whole being and conform to a new dress code.

So begins the story of Elizabeth Martin, a brave courageous women who will do anything to keep her house and home safe.

There’s lots of twists, turns and a big shocker at the end. The book is full of lovable characters to trust and others who are deceitful and willing to do anything to hide Lizzie from the truth.

Author Wendy Steele is going to be one to keep your eyes on. I love her style of writing and I’m sure my readers will too!

I am really looking forward to reading more books by Wendy.

The Naked Witch can be purchased on Amazon

About the author

In 1972, Wendy Steele came home from the Tutankhamun exhibition and wrote about her experience, beginning a writing journey which she still travels.

Since working in the City BC (Before Children), she has trained in alternative therapies, belly dance and writing. Wendy combines these three disciplines to give balance to her life.
Her first novel ‘Destiny of Angels’ was published in 2012, closely followed by two short story anthologies and a non-fiction book ‘Wendy Woo’s Year – A Pocketful of Smiles’, an inspirational guide, offering ideas, meditations and recipes to make every precious day, a happy one.
Moving to Wales, the fulfilment of a 15 year dream, inspired her to write the Standing Stone book series, set in Wales in the countryside she loves.
Writing workshops in Wales widened her writing perspective and the resulting short stories have been published online and in anthologies.
Wendy writes fantasy, with a dollop of magic, exploring the ‘what if…?’ the starting point for all her stories.

She lives with her partner and cats, restoring her farmhouse and immersing herself in the natural world on her doorstep

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