Our Christmas Reads – Children’s Book Review’s

All children book reviews are written from Ethans perspective.

We were sent a book to review for Christmas. My brother and I got soooo excited when we opened our parcel and saw TWO Christmas books!!

We just love Christmas. We asked mum to read them straight away!

Santa’s Wish by Samuel Langley-Swain

No one ever asks Santa what he would like for Christmas.

This book is about a family on Christmas Eve. Dad reads them a story before bed.

I’m sure he is reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ because it mentions “a belly like jelly” and that’s my favourite part! We read the same book on Christmas Eve too!

After the Christmas story the little boy and girl head for bed.

They should really be asleep because it’s way past their bedtime but they’re not. They hear the sound of jingle bells!

All of a sudden Santa is at the bedroom window! He has visited because of a special letter the children have written him.

Santa invites them on to his sleigh. “I wish Santa would invite me on his sleigh!”

They whizz through the sky and eventually reach the North Pole.

At the North Pole they see polar bears, penguins and elves! They even see a glittering grotto made of iced gingerbread!!

I loved this part of the book and wondered if the gingerbread grotto was for eating?!

The children are so happy!!

They go inside and then find out what was so special about their letter.

I don’t want to give to much away so please CLICK HERE

Mummy’s thoughts

I really loved reading this rhyming tale of love and laughter. It’s filled with kindness, hope and a message about the true meaning of Christmas.

The Special Delivery by Samuel Langley-Swain

I just love the front cover of this book, especially the dog dressed like Rudolph!!

This story is about a little boy named Jack and a little girl named Daisy.

They are kind children. When everybody in their class is making lists of toys they want for Christmas, Jack and Daisy are thinking of ways they can help others.

“I am a bit like this. I am already saving tins of food for the local food bank and I’ve been going through some toys that I don’t play with anymore. I am going to give them to children who don’t have any”

Jack and Daisy help the postman who works hard all year. They help give treats to the dogs too. Then they find a box in the back of the post van. The box has little fingerprints on them!

“It’s definitely an elves fingerprints because they are teeny tiny!”

Then on Christmas Eve, when Jack and Daisy are drifting off to sleep they see a warming glow coming from the window.

Jack and Daisy pull on their wellies and run outside. There they find a really small Elf door has appeared at the bottom of the biggest tree in the garden. Jack and Daisy follow little Elf footprints to the door and open it.

Jack and Daisy are whisked out of sight! Where have they gone??

I don’t want to spoil the story, please CLICK HERE to find out more.

Mummy’s thoughts

Another book that was a pleasure to read. Again full of kindness and happiness. It’s really lovely to see that the author has reminded us to help and think of others. I will be reading both books every Christmas.

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