Pirates Dont Drive Diggers – Early Reader

My name is Ethan I am 3 years old. I love reading…Here is my book review.

Pirates don’t drive diggers by Alex English illustrated by Duncan Beedie

Wow Mummy a pirate book! I love pirates….Ahoy Me Hearties!

My book today is about a little boy named Brad who loves diggers. Everyone in Brads family is a pirate but Brad would rather work on a building site.

Brad’s dad says he’s silly wanting to work on a building site so he takes him to the Salty Dog (ship) to be a pirate. Brad is made to work on the Salty Dog. He is not a good pirate he steers the ship and almost crashes, he falls down the stairs and he runs away from an octopus!

I don’t know why he wouldn’t want to be a pirate I say to my mummy…Pirates are really fun they have treasure and fight off crocodiles! I would of stayed to fight the octopus!

The last thing Brad has to do is find some buried treasure back on land and if he don’t find it…he walks the plank!

Brad finds the X that marks the spot and begins to dig…uh oh…the spade snaps and he has to find a digger. He finds one at a building site and digs up the treasure…yay say all the pirates, you really can drive a digger! Brad is really happy and this makes me smile.

My favourite part in the book was the bit with the big octopus was trying to get on the ship and when Brad drives the digger and is happy.

I really like the pictures in this book and I could recognise many words, I loved the quiz at the end of the book, I got all the questions right that mummy asked me 🙂

Mummy’s thoughts

This was one of four books we were sent to review. Mavrick early readers books are fantastic, they have been adapted from original picture books so that children can make the essential transition from listener to reader. I really liked the quiz at the end of the book, this confirmed my son was not only listening but understanding the book. My son is only just recognising words so the reading was not the greatest, however these books will come in handy very soon.


  1. laurasidestreet

    My son loves diggers and pirates so this is a great combination – going to have to pick this up – thanks for sharing this review

    Laura x

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