Sockz in New York City – Educational and colourful book by Cardiff Author Erica Willmott

Every wondered what happens to your missing socks? Cardiff children’s author Erica Willmott has a story for your little ones. Sockz in New York City will have them giggling and wondering.

The story starts with Sockz living in Higgledy-Piggledy House. When Mrs Higgle puts Sockz in for a wash, he gets separated from his partner. Scared and alone, swirling around and around, he closes his eyes. When Sockz opens his eyes he finds that he is in unfamiliar surroundings.

Sockz is in NEW YORK CITY!

With yellow cabs driving past him fast and very tall buildings reaching up towards the sky, Sockz feels scared. Its very cold, it begins to snow. Sockz jumps on to a hotdog cart and there is where he meets a hotdog named Henry. Henry fast becomes a friend of Sockz and they both go on an adventure.

Sockz adventures around New York City, takes readers past the Empire State building and on to Central Park Zoo. Once there, we meet penguins, monkeys and other animals.

Will Sockz ever get back to Higgledy-Piggledy House?

My boys loved this story. We read it together many times. I think the idea of a missing socks adventure is fantastic! I often wonder where them missing socks end up.

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