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Today we are reading Stone Underpants by Rebecca Lisle with Illustrations by Richard Watson.

Children’s book reviews are wrote with my four year old son.

Woo Hoo mummy is going to read a book about a cave boy…cave boys and cavemen lived when the dinosaurs did!

Stone underpants is about a little cave boy who lived a long long time ago in the Stone age! In the Stone age it was very cold, the little cave boy had a cold bottom so he decides to make some underpants.


“Mummy, why dont he have pants like me!”

The little boy wants to make soft warm and cosy pants, first he tries to make them out of stone…that doesn’t work.  Then he tries to make them out of wood…that dont work either. In the end the little cave boy makes the perfect pair.

I liked following the little cave boy on his adventure to find the perfect material to make his underpants. The pictures in the book are awesome!

Mummys thoughts

This book is well written, I loved the illustrations and story. This book is one we shall be reading over and over again. Very enjoyable! 

We received a complimentary copy of the book for an honest review.



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