The Amber Maze – A thought provoking craft noir fiction

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve had to take some time away from social media (doctors orders) but in my time away I have had the pleasure of rediscovering my passion for reading.

I have just finished reading The Amber Maze by Christopher Bowden.

I will admit it’s not a book I would usually read. I am more of a horror/psychological thriller type reader, however, I have really enjoyed reading The Amber Maze.

This delicately craft noir fiction tells the story of Hugh Mullion. A man with a bit of an obsession when it comes to things and objects of the unknown.

While staying in a Dorset cottage, Hugh Mullion finds a mysterious key down the side of an antique chair.  No one can say how long the key has been there or what it opens.

​Hugh’s search for answers unlocks the secrets of the troubled life of a talented artist, destined to be hailed a neglected genius fifty years too late.  And no secret is darker than that of The Amber Maze, from whose malign influence he never escaped.

​The trail takes Hugh from Edwardian Oxfordshire to 1960s Camden Town, where the ghosts of the past are finally laid to rest.

​This book had me engrossed. It was intriguing, interesting and engaging. I found myself staying awake long into the night reading this book. I wanted answers to mystery of the key and that of The Amber Maze. I myself found that I too was obsessing over the family involved in this fiction and wanted answers to the secrets that lay hidden.

Why!? Who!?What!?

As I  continued to read I found that the story goes back and fourth different times and it is told from many character’s points of view. This type of writing is usually a recipe for disaster, however, I found that the author Christopher Bowden is experienced and can unfold a somewhat confusing story with ease.

This would make a fantastic read to those who enjoy historical mysteries.

The Amber Maze is a beautifully written novel that will have you thinking and putting together pieces of the mystery, long after you have finished reading.

I am going to be reading more from Christopher Bowden.

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