The Boy with the World’s Tallest Hair – Our Easter Read #AD-Gifted

The Boy with the World's Tallest Hair

We were recently sent a sample copy of The Boy with the World’s Tallest Hair by Muntari Glunk in exchange for an honest review.

The Boy with the World’s Tallest Hair is the first in a series titled, Mr Plasterknots Presents, it is also the first official book by Glunk House Publishing.

Poor Cuthbert Cringeworthy. All he ever wished for was to have bigger hair. Not one to give up, Cuthbert was determined to make his wish come true. 

We follow Cuthbert on his journey to bigger hair. We read how he develops the ‘WIG BLITZ FORMULA’ and worry about the outcome of using this product. “My eldest son wants to be an inventor (as well as many other things), he was amazed when Cuthbert made his own formula!”

He manages to transfer his formula into a spray can and then sprays it onto his head! Like my sons, Cuthbert has no patience at all. Cuthbert becomes angry when the formula seems to not work. In anger, Cuthbert sprays the entire formula onto his head and stomps off to bed.

Readers are in for a huge surprise the following morning.

Tall hair, fame and some creepy-crawly creatures, The Boy with the World’s Tallest Hair is a fun read. Both parent and child can have a giggle. Author and illustrator Muntari Glunk has an imagination to keep young minds enthralled and entertained.

The Boy with the World’s Tallest Hair can be purchased here –

You can enjoy a 1 minute preview of The Boy with the World’s Tallest Hair and other samples from the Mr Plasterknots presents series here –

I am already looking forward to reading more books from Muntari Glunk.




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