The Four Little Pigs – Early Readers

My name is Ethan I am almost 4 years old. I love reading…Here is my book review.

The Four Little Pigs by Kimara Nye and illustrated by Marcin Bruchnalski.

I really love reading new books with my mummy and I especially love the new early readers ones we have got because there is a quiz at the end of the book. I say to my mummy that I am going to listen really hard to the story so I can answer the questions at the end!

The Four Little Pigs is about a little boy named Tom. Whenever Tom goes to stay at Granny Mag’s something magical happens because she’s a witch…Oh NO mummy…I have a Granny Mag’s! I don’t think she is a witch though??

One night Granny Mag’s reads Tom a bedtime story but its The Three Little Pigs and Toms knows the story well…he’s really bored so Granny Mag’s makes it exciting by using magic and she puts Tom into the book.

‘He looks funny mummy, why is his nose like a pig!’ Tom has turned into a little pig and because he knows The Three Little Pigs story so well he wants to warn the pigs that the wolf is coming to blow there houses down!

Tom changes the story and  saves the day he goes back home and the front cover on the book has changed from three little pigs to four.

I really enjoyed this story and my best part was when Tom threw some pepper at the wolf and it made him sneeze…AAAACCCCCHHHOOOOO!!

Mummy’s thoughts

Again another great book that has been adapted from an original picture book so that children can make the essential transition from listener to reader. The story was fun and the illustrations were clear and colourful. My son enjoyed the Quiz at the end.

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We were given four early reader books to review on behalf of primary times.



  1. Kerry Norris

    These are such a good idea. I love the fact that they have the quiz at the end and that your son wanted to listen very carefully so he could do well in the quiz. Love the illustrations in this book x

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