The Grumpy Crocodile – Nigel Tetley wows us again!

Children’s book reviews are written from my almost 5 year old sons perspective.

Woo hoo mum….look….look! A new book and it has been signed!

We had a book sent to us before by Nigel Tetley, it was called Two Fat Cows and it was really funny.

Today mummy is reading us The Grumpy Crocodile.

The story is about a crocodile who sleeps and sleeps for a whole week and a day! When he wakes up he is very grumpy so he don’t want to play or sing songs. Instead the grumpy crocodile wants to eat all the creatures and animals around him.

He tries to eat a monkey, a bird, a snake and even an elephant!  He just kept snapping his jaws at every swap creature that walked, slid or flapped.

The crocodile scares everyone away, so he is left alone. The crocodile decides to eat some fish because they are the only things he could catch.

After the crocodile eats the fish he goes back to sleep….again the crocodile sleeps to long so wakes again wanting to eat everyone.

One day the animals hatch a plan to help the crocodile wake happy…will it work???

My mummy made me laugh every time she said SNAP SNAP. I loved the pictures and the story was really good.

Mummys thoughts

Again we have been wowed by the rhyming words of Nigel Tetley with this suburb book suitable for all the family. Lovely illustrations by Simon Goodway. I am looking forward to future books. I would also like to say a big thank you to Nigel for signing our copy of The Grumpy Crocodile.

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