The Jammy Spider -David Gall & Douglas Strachan

The book we are reviewing today is The Jammy Spider written by David Gall with illustrations by Douglas Strachan.

This book review has been written from my four year old sons perspective.

Mummy is reading a new book today – The Jammy Spider. I love spiders and jam…I especially love jam.


This book is about a spider named Sam. Sam gets up to no good around the house he lives in and he is always looking for something to eat. One day he discovers a jam!

He tries to get inside the jam to have a taste but because he has hairy legs he accidentally gets stuck in the jam! Sam then gets stuck in a jam sandwich – scared he will get eaten he tries to escape but somehow ends up in the bin!

Will he ever escape…

I really liked this book, the pictures were fun and the story was good too.

Mummys thoughts

This book was easy to read and very enjoyable for the boys to listen too. The illustrations were great!

Ethan is sent books in exchange for an honest review for Primary Times

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