The Prince and the Pee by Greg Gormley and Chris Mould.


The Prince and the Pee by Greg Gormley and Chris Mould.

All children book reviews are written with my 5 year old son.

Mum has a new book for us to read today…The Prince and the Pee!

Haha already I am giggling at the book cover, the prince looks funny with his legs all crossed…he must really need to pee.

I am like any 5 year old boy, I love books about poo and wee…they are funny. I beg my mum to read the book immediately!

So, the story is about a Prince who is having a relaxing holiday when his horse tells him that the castle is in in danger, there is a huge dragon! Haha a talking horse…this book gets better and better!

My mum is funny and does different voices for the characters in the book, she makes me laugh…the horse is a very posh horse.

Whilst on their way to save the castle the Prince realises he really needs to pee. The horse wonders why he didn’t go before they left but like me, the Prince didn’t need to go then.

The Prince makes many attempts to use the loo but everything seems to get in the way, from scary ogres to pretty Princesses the Prince just cant find anywhere to pee!

Eventually the Prince gets to the castle to find a dragon is standing right in the way of the entrance. The Prince does not care, he really, really, really needs to pee so he charges past the dragon to get into his castle.

The dragon sets the castle on fire! What will the Prince do? There is only one thing for it….PEEEEEEE!!!

Mummy’s thoughts

A fantastic book for kids age 2 – 5, my sons aged 3 and 5 thoroughly enjoyed this funny tale of toilet troubles. It reminded me a little of The Dinosaur that POOPED the bed with its fast flowing words and toilet humour.

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