The Tipple Twins and the Gift – Our Halloween Read #AD #Gifted

The Tipple Twins and the Gift

We were gifted The Tipple Twins and the Gift in exchange for an honest review.

Halloween, my favourite time of year is upon us. The house is decorated, our costumes are ready and the Welsh Mummy Blogs family are ready to celebrate.

Yes, this year will be different. With the current Covid situation in Wales, we are not able to go out and do our usual trick or treating, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun.

This year we’ve decided to stay home, watch movies and read some spooky tales.

A book that has really sparked my interest is The Tipple Twins and the Gift, by Michelle Cordara. We were recently sent this book to review and it has not disappointed us.

The Tipple Twins and the Gift

The Tipple Twins and the Gift is a fun and light spooky adventure for young readers (8-12 years). The story focuses on a pair of identical twins who are drawn into a world of mystery and magic.

“Jenna and Jessica Tipple are identical twins. The Tipple family secret gift is magic – the good kind. Unfortunately, when they enrol at Chumsworth School, they discover that the head mistress, Miss Snippings, has an unnatural dislike of twins and an unhealthy interest in witchcraft.

When the school play just happens to be about the Salem Witch Trials, the twins realise they’re in a cauldron full of trouble…”

The Tipple Twins and the Gift is a captivating adventure that is perfect for Halloween. The story centres on a spooky school and the Salem Witch Trials – which many young people don’t realise happened.

The book is a first in a new series that will take the twins deeper into their mysterious magical family background.

My eldest son, aged 8, has really enjoyed reading the book to me. He is a big believer in magic and with the recent remake of Roald Dahls “The Witches”, this book really couldn’t have been released at a better time.

We highly recommend this book to any young witch wanting a story they can relate too.

You can purchase The Tipple Twins and the Gift online here –

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