Tidy by Emily Gravett

Mummy and me love to turn the off the TV and sit together to read, we have many books but I love nothing more than getting a new one!

My new book is called Tidy and it’s by Emily Gravett.

The first thing i notice is the book cover, it has lots of trees with red and brown leaves on them. Is that Autumn trees mummy? This book must have some falling crunchy leaves in it!


This book is about a badger called Pete, Pete is really clean and he keeps everybody clean and tidy too.

He tidied the fox and untangled his knots, he tidied the birds by brushing their beaks and bathing them all he even tries to cleans the up the forest!

When the dead crunchy leaves fall from the trees he sweeps them all up but the forest is still not clean…its just so muddy.


So Pete gets a really big digger, its a yellow digger just like the one I have in my toy box. He digs away and covers the ground with concrete. The forest looks clean and tidy.

Then Pete realises he can get home because his home is under the concrete. Poor Pete I think he made a mistake.

So after he sleeps in the mixer, he wakes and tries to put everything right with the help of his forest friends. Everyone is happy when the forest is back to how its was and they have a lovely picnic.


I liked this book but it was not very funny, I like funny books.

Mums thoughts

I enjoyed this book, I thought the illustrations were lovely and the colours used  made me think about Autumn. The story was good and it made me think about our ever changing world and how we are tearing down woodlands for concrete jungle’s.

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