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All children’s book reviews are wrote with my four year old son.

Mummy has got us a new book, It is called Two Fat Cows…I think the title is very funny as I giggle away at it.

The book is about two very greedy cows called Marigold and Petal. They had eaten all the grass in their field so wanted to escape and get into the field next to them…that field had lots and lots of grass!


Marigold and Petal try everything to get into the next field, they push the fence, try to unlock the catch and even kick at it but nothing works.

Now they are getting really upset because they really want to eat the fresh grass in the next field. Marigold and Petal then try to climb over it and crawl under it at the same time but they both get stuck!!

Will they ever break free and get to eat the fresh green grass from the next field?

Ethan knows how the story ends, you can too  ‘Two Fat Cows’, from The Choirs Press, is available now:


Mummy thoughts – Two fat cows is a laugh-out-loud rhyming story for young readers. I really enjoyed reading this book to Ethan and I look forward to more books by Nigel Tetley.

We received a complimentary copy of Two Fat Cows for an honest review.


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