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We were recently sent a personalised book from WatAdventures to review #ad #gifted

WatAdventure is an interactive children’s publisher specialising in Eco-adventure stories for children, letting them become the creators and stars of them!

WatAdventure books inspire kids to become pro-active about saving the planet and help children to make positive changes.

There are four books to choose from, WatAdventure in Australia, I Want To Leave This Book (A book about Brexit) WatAdventure Map of Australia and From The Sewer To The Stars: Rise Of The WatAdventures.
As Ethan is very much into reading these days I decided to create his very own story using the easy ‘create your own’ page of the WatAdventures website.

Creating the book was simple. All I had to do was pick a character that resembled Ethan and then add his name. Everything else is done for you. The book arrived 3 days later.

The book itself is of high quality, the hard back book has 66 pages of adventure, learning and activities to help inspire your child to be a planet saver.

At the start of the book there is a WatAdventure Promise, children are encouraged to read the promise and then sign at the bottom. The promise is:

  • I am on a mission to save Earth
  • I will show courage and determination
  • I will build, create and grow
  • I will never stop teaching myself about how the World works
  • I will teach others
  • I will take care of myself physically and mentally
  • I will save Earth

After the promise section, the book goes on to explain 7 Eco Challenges: Climate Change, Air Pollution, Waste Disposal, Species Extinction, Water Pollution, Drain Of Natural Resources and Deforestation.  This section of the book is very informative but easy for children to understand.

The book then becomes a colorful comic staring your child. ‘Ethan Saves Slime Town’ is a comic about Ethan helping a town that is being destroyed by sewage. The town is made up of animals fighting to save the town and themselves.

After the first comic story we go on to read some facts about water pollution and how we can prevent it.

We then come to a craft page which tells you how to create your own Bedroom Recycling Centre. The step by step guide is very easy to follow.

The book then explains how to keep your mind healthy. There is an activity to make your own Mind Diary. There is also a page that teaches your child how to draw some of the characters we have met along the way.


There really is so much to do in this book, its perfect for children who are home schooled or those interested in saving the planet.

After another comic, the book goes on to explain climate change in more detail and there are some creative activities to try for yourself.

The book is a perfect personalised gift for any child. The Welsh Mummy Blogs family have really enjoyed the stories and activities. WatAdventures will make the perfect Christmas gift!!

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