Behind Cardiff Castle…Is a hidden Gem

Tucked away behind the Cardiff castle, away from the hustle and bustle of the city is a hidden gem.

When I say hidden gem I refer to the Bute park education centre. I have lived in Cardiff all my life and I have walked Bute Park many times, still I had no idea this fantastic place existed.

I accidently stumbled across the centre whilst on a walk with my husband and two boys, I have always loved the great outdoors and no matter what the weather, my family and I go out exploring and enjoying nature.

I showed interest in the education centre and asked if they had any events coming up for toddlers. I spoke to Meriel Jones (education officer at Bute Park) who said that they do have events, however she would be happy to host an event for my Recovery Mummy support playgroups.

I decided to organise a mini beast adventure with Meriel.

When we arrived at the event we were met by Meriel who sat the toddlers down and introduced herself. Meriel then gave all the children a woodland creature soft toy to look after as we went exploring.


First activity was for the children to collect items of nature from the park…items included leaves, daisies, sticks, pinecones and grass. The children then made a picture of the items they collected.

Second activity was to look at the trees and grass in more detail with the magnifying glass, we also searched for ants.

Third activity was to draw a picture of our favourite things in the park, all the toddlers decided to draw a daisy.


Fourth activity was to look way up high for birds in the sky with binoculars, we then used some scissor to cut some grass and dead leaves.

Our fifth and final activity was to use some homemade playdoh (gluten free I might add haha) We made shapes and smiley faces and stuck them on the trees, as the playdoh was natural we were not harming nature.

The toddlers then collected some sticks for Meriel to dry out and use for firewood at her home.

I can not thank Meriel enough for how well planned and fun the day was for all my group members and myself. I really would recommend families go explore Bute Park and the education centre.

If you are looking for a day out with the family that’s close to home there really is no better place. Kids can really get up close to nature and enjoy running about in the fresh air.

For location, information, events and private hire please go to

Bute park website

If you would like to be notified about bute park programme and activities, please join the mailing list by emailing [email protected]

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  1. esther james

    I have walked round Bute Park on a few occasions but never knew this was here. Will definitely be taking the kids there in future

  2. laurasidestreet

    We love the sessions that Meriel runs at Bute Park Education centre and have been to many and always enjoy them

    Laura x

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