Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival 2019 – Meet the Dinosaur Juniors

Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival

We received free entry & a complimentary book for attending the Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival.

The Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival ran from 30th of March to the 7th of April. The Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival is the perfect event for little bookworms (aged between 3 and 11).

This year, attendees had a choice of over 40 events to attend including writing workshops, book readings, craft activities and games. Locations for each event ran across areas in the Welsh capital including City Hall, Cardiff Central Library and Cardiff Castle.

The festival hosted a series of well-known English and Welsh authors; Lucy Owens author of The Sea House, Ade Adepitan author of Amazing Ade-ventures, Huw Aaron author of Ble Mae Boc, Nigel Auchterlounie author of Beano and many more!

Yesterday the Welsh Mummy Blogs family had the pleasure of attending this fantastic event. We decided to check out Meet the Dinosaur Juniors, with award-winning author-illustrator Rob Biddulph.

Meet the Dinosaur Juniors was a brilliant event.  Author-illustrator Rob Biddulph was entertaining and funny, both the children and parent’s had a giggle as he talked about writing his books. Once upon a time Rob Biddulph was the art director of the Observer Magazine and a winner of the coveted PPA Designer of the Year Award.

By night, he told the audience, he would make up silly stories for his three daughters. He would draw pictures to go with the funny stories.

Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival
Rob talking to the audience about his family.

Enjoying the made up stories so much, Rob decided to draw a few characters and take them to London with a hope of a becoming a children’s author. Whilst showcasing his art work, a publisher liked the look of a family of penguins he’d drawn and asked him to write a story about them.

His first picture book, Blown Away, which featured the family of penguins, was published in 2014 and was only the second illustrated book in history to win the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

From then on, Rob wowed young readers everywhere, with books such as, GRRRRR! (nominated for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal) Odd Dog Out (nominated for a total of eight literary prizes, winning the BSC Festival of Literature Picture Book Award and the UKLA Student Shadower’s Vote Book Award) Sunk! Happy Hatchday and many more.

Some of Robs books have featured on CBeebies Bedtime Story. The most memorable, for mums I’m sure, was Odd Dog Out which was read aloud by Tom Hardy in 2017!  Blown Away was read as a CBeebies Bedtime Story by Mark Bonnar in 2017.

This event was a must for any aspiring artist or children’s book author. Not only did Rob introduce us to his latest character in his Dinosaur Juniors series, Nancy; We also had lots of fun drawing our own dinosaur.

The session lasted an hour which was perfect for my 4 year old son. He had a brilliant time.

The highlight of the morning was meeting Rob Biddulph and him signing our copy of Happy Hatchday. Rob even drew us a little dinosaur!!

Cardiff Children’s Literature Festival was fantastic! I cant wait for next year!


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