Family Yoga at Yogaboat – Perfect for connecting, bonding and de-stressing

I put a post on Cardiff Mums Facebook group a few weeks back asking if anyone knew of a yoga class for children. I see plenty of mother and baby fitness and yoga classes but I am still to find an exercise class that myself and four year old son can enjoy together – That was until someone suggested I take a look at Yoga Boat based in Broadway, Cardiff.

Funnily enough whilst I was enquiring about family yoga, Yoga Boat was to have a family yoga taster session that weekend!

The workshop was suitable for children aged between 3 and 10 years of age, accompanied by an adult. The class was taken by a lady named Liz. Liz attended The Special Yoga Foundation, London, where she completed training with Jo Manuel. This intensive post qualification course allowed Liz to explore various ways in which to engage children and young people from ages 2 to 18 years, enabling them to experience yoga and its short and long term benefits.

My four year old son like most four year old’s is quite energetic, but he is also a bit of a worrier. I have been looking for something to help relax him and help him lift his worries. family yoga did just that.


At the workshop we explored Asana (postures), partner work, breath and relaxation.
The class was a fun way in which to laugh, connect with each other, offer potential to identify emotions and consequently provide an opportunity to discuss the feelings that are part of being human.

We also played some yoga games, the games were a fun way to help us with breathing techniques and relaxation.

As most of my readers are aware, I suffered with postpartum psychosis after the birth of my son. At the time there was very little support so left untreated for so long this did affect my bonding with him when he was a newborn. Taking part in family yoga was great, we both really enjoyed the afternoon of mother and son bonding and I really do think it brought us much closer together. We both left the studio feeling happy, relaxed and contented. My son was calm all day and he had a very peaceful sleep that night.

Yoga Boat are thinking of making family yoga a regular class so they have asked for some feedback. My only feedback really is that I felt 1.5 hour session was a little long for my four year old, however this was an event so classes would probably be 45 minutes which would be perfect.

If family yoga sounds like something you fancy, please leave any suggestions or questions in the comments below.


  1. Tamsin Gabriel

    Hi Claire, we’d love to do future sessions but don’t have any dates yet. If you follow us on Facebook (Yogaboatcardiff) or Twitter (Yogaboatc) we’ll update when we have more info on the next session

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