Fancy a free guided tour – Harry Potter, Jack the Ripper and more!

Have you ever wanted to explore London like never before? Are you a Harry Potter fan wanting to learn more about the locations which inspired J.K. Rowling’s magical world? Or maybe you want to discover one of London’s darkest chapters: the shocking murders of Jack the Ripper.

In 2013 Strawberry Tours opened shop in London with one very clear idea in mind: provide the best quality tours in the market at a price that adapts to all pockets.

Strawberry Tours offer FREE guided tours which include – Harry Potter, Jack the Ripper, London Landmarks, London in Day, London Street Art, Soho, a Ghost Tour and if you’re feeling brave…A Pub Crawl!

Strawberry Tours have carefully designed tours that will cover the most interesting areas of a city, giving you the best possible insider understanding of the whys and hows. The tours won’t just entertain you (they will), or make you laugh (they’ll do that too), or tell you weird fun anecdotes (we definitely love those!), but they’ll also strive to give you a sound understanding of the city, in all its many aspects: historical, social, political and cultural.

The tours are provided by passionate Individuals who show great ambition in the development of their tours. Individuals who are highly motivated and totally in love with their city. Individuals who never tire of learning more and more about the place they live in.

All tours are free however, if you are feeling generous you could tip your guide knowing that 10% of tips will go to a local charity.

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