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Today I went on a school trip with Ethan. I had not been to Greenmeadow farm before so I was really excited!

Greenmeadow Community Farm can be found at Greenforge Way, Cwmbran NP44 5AJ.

We started our day off by having a walk around the farm, we saw cattle, pigs, sheep  and goats to name a few.

The farm also has other animals which include Shetland Ponys, Donkeys, Feral Cats, various Chickens, Bantams, Ducks, Geese, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Mice, Gerbils, Rats, Bees, Doves, Deer and Ferrets.

We had a look in the animal house which was kind of like a maternity barn – all the animals were about to or had not long given birth. It was so lovely to see the little piglets resting in the warm and the Kids (of the goat kind) play happily.

After our little walk we all gathered for a dairy demonstration. The class were amazed at how much milk was pumped out of the cow’s udder. The class were even more amazed when the cow had a really big wee wee!!

After the demonstration we all washed our hands and had our lunch.

With food in our tummy’s we headed up a hill where we were to go for a tractor ride. The class were so excited,  they eagerly waited for the tractor to start. Our tractor driver was lovely. It was a bumpy ride but lots of fun!

After our tractor ride we helped wash a pig! The pig was called Bianca and had red hair (one of the farmers must be an Eastenders fan) Each child had a go at hosing down the pig and washing her with baby shampoo, having a nice wash was important for Bianca the pig as she was expecting; her piglets could be born any day!

After washing our hands again we all took a short walk to the adventure playground where the class went wild on the slides, swings and monkey bars.

There was lots to see and do but we ran out of time, our coach was ready to take us all back to school.

I think the Welsh Mummy Blogs family will be returning to the farm very soon.




  1. kerrylynnepyke

    We discovered Greenmeadow around three years ago and we love it as a family day out. It’s a lovely working farm and I think it’s a really important experience for the children. I love their cuddle corner!

  2. Cardiff Mummy Says

    Greenmeadow Farm is great! We love it there! They always have loads of activities on throughout the day too, to meet the animals, or go on the tractor ride etc. Glad Ethan and his class enjoyed it. x

  3. thehippychristianmum

    I’m planning a visit for toddler tuesday. Apparantly it’s brilliant they have a few mum & baby sessions on and you get to visit the farm afterward all included in the price. I lived just up the road from here growing up so I know it really well and I did my work experience here too! Love the little kid goats headbutting each other. Aw. I saw this post on the south wales parent bloggers fb page April comments thread. 🙂

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