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You may have seen in a recent post that the Welsh Mummy Blogs family are taking part in a Family Arts Campaign “Fantastic for Families”, which encourages all members of the family to discover and experience events within arts and culture. As part of the campaign, yesterday afternoon we enjoyed an afternoon at the circus, not just any circus, Lexicon, a production created by NoFit state circus.

Lexicon is a production like no other, performed under a traditional big top, this production brings together world class circus performers, musicians and artists. Lexicon brings you seduction, thrills and suspense and although I would say the production is aimed at an older audience, my sons aged 5 and 3 years old were captivated by the spell bounding performers.

In celebration of the creation of the circus by founding father, Philip Astley 250 years ago. Lexicon (written and directed by Firenza Guidi ) is a masterpiece in performing arts that will have audiences talking about for years to come.

From the elaborate stage and seating structure to the Edwardian dressed performers, you really feel as though you had been transported back in time. The only thing stopping me from thinking I was back in the early 20th century, was the fantastic live band that played as performers captivated the audience.

The band was amazing. Whilst watching the production I forgot I was listening to a band, the vocal talent of all singers was fantastic! The music itself took us on a journey, the live band played music that was very fitting with each changing scene, through feelings of suspense, weakness and music of hope, I felt involved with the performance. This for me added to my experience.

Keeping with the theme of the 250th anniversary of circus,  Lexicon is set in a world inhabited by misfits. We eagerly follow performers of the past, present and future of circus as they portray an array of characters from peasants, drunks and other city folk as they clown around – just without the silly clown make up.

The audience witness lots of floor work, fire juggling, rope walking, unicycling and beautifully talented dancing. The performers really were suburb, I could almost feel the energy on stage. The performers worked effortlessly together ensuring that everything ran smoothly. The dedication of all performers was clear to see.




The atmosphere was amazing and the way in which the performers engaged with the audience was great. Performers handed props and talked to those with ringside seating, it was fantastic. Everyone felt part of the show.

My husband enjoyed the slapstick comedy aspect of the production which remained throughout the show and the whole family was mesmerized by a shadow scene with Mathieu Hedan.  The shadow scene was something I had never seen before. Using a large black net and a 2nd performer moving a light around, a silhouette of Mathieu Hedan appears. Whilst his shadow is clear to be seen by the audience, Mathieu Hedan balances on a chair and moves his body around in different ways.  This scene had my 3 year old amazed.

My 5 year old was very impressed with fire juggler Luke Hallgarten. My son was in fits of laughter when the fire jugglers clothing was on fire! My youngest started to shout out, “your top, your top, my mum said fire is bad!”

My favourite performer of the afternoon was Rosa-Marie Schmid. Rosa specialises in aerial ropes and with 7 years of experience, she really owns the stage when performing.

Another firm favourite of mine was a lady who seductively danced on a tight rope! How she managed to dance whilst balancing had my head puzzled, she then stepped it up a level and removed her long flowing dress to uncover a black slip! How did she manage that! I trip up when I change into my pjs!

Photo Credit: The Other Richard


My one complaint is that it is really dark inside the big top, so if you are unsteady on your feet, please be careful.  Saying that, Lexicon is full of laughter, suspense and seduction, its a show you will not want to miss.

Not only was Lexicon amazing but the drink and food was great and very affordable. Whilst grabbing some snacks we bumped into a few performers who were very friendly and willing to pose for a photo with my sons.



We purchased some soft drinks (daddy had a beer) snacks and GLITTER brownies!!



The Lexicon will be at the Volvo Ocean Race Village until June 9th. You can book your TICKETS HERE

Where next for Lexicon? After Cardiff they will be heading to Tombeés De La Nuit, Rennes, France (18 June – 24 June) and The Circus Village, Avignon Le Off (6 July – 29 July)
Avignon, France.


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