Monster Jam, Cardiff – 2019 Review & Results #AD-gifted

Monster Jam

We received complimentary Monster Jam tickets and Pit Party passes for an honest review. 

It’s no secret, I am a huge Monster Jam Fan! The whole event experience is amazing, it is a perfect event for any petrol head and/or adrenaline junkie!! Everything makes this event exciting, the music, the smell of petrol and the roar of the monster truck engines.

We started our day off with dropping my youngest child to his nan’s. At 4 years old, my youngest is still quite noise sensitive and the Monster Jam event is really loud, so we thought it best he stay with nan.

We purchased some ear defenders from a stall at the event for my 6 year old son, Ethan.

After picking up our complementary tickets we headed to the Pit Party. To gain access to the Pit Party, we had to go through a thorough security check. No drinks were to be taken in and all bags were checked. The Principality Stadium prides themselves on their security measures and I can see why. The security checks put my mind at ease.

The Monster Jam Pit Party provides unprecedented access to the Monster Jam trucks and drivers. This unique experience gives you access to see the trucks up close, take pictures, meet the drivers and get their autographs.

Please note: Pit Party is only offered for select events and not available for every show. Pit Party Passes are sold separately and do not give you access to the main event.

Truck lineup:
Scooby-Doo!TM (Linsey Read), Pirate’s CurseTM (Mike Vaters II), ZombieTM (Alx Danielsson), Max-DTM (Neil Elliott), EarthShaker® (Peter Nyman), El Toro Loco® (Mark List), Monster Energy® (Todd LeDuc), Megaladon® (Alex Blackwell), Wonder Woman (Haley Gauley), Grave Digger® (Morgan Kane)

The Pit Party was very busy. Fans were queuing up and taking pictures of their favourite trucks and drivers. Some of the queues were longer than others, the longest was that of Grave Digger. Luckily, we didn’t have to queue to take pictures of the trucks.

Monster Jam
Wonder Women

There was so much fun to be had in the Pit Party, the atmosphere was fantastic!! Fans were all having a great time, even small children! There was a bouncy castle, Monster Jam drawing station and a Monster Jam play area where children (and adults) got to have a play with the latest Monster Jam trucks currently being sold at The Entertainer.

After the Pit Party we had roughly 2 hours to kill. We decided to go for a walk around Cardiff Castle and we bought some sandwiches for lunch.

Getting back into the event was the same. We went through security and then took our seats. To be honest, I couldn’t have asked for better seats. I was in a quieter area where I had easy access to the toilets and exits. This was very reassuring for me.

The music blared, the lights went down, the engines roared. The show was about to begin. Hosts Jody Donnelly and Alikona Bradford welcomed fans to the Principality Stadium. They gave us the run of expected events and competitions. Fans were also told how they could get involved.

At Monster Jam, YOU are the judge! Throughout the competition, fans are asked to be a part of the judging panel to determine the winner.

Fans are encouraged to use their mobile device and log into Using a three-digit code provided at the show, fans are able to watch the competitions and score by moving the “tire” higher or lower. Fans have just 20 seconds to submit their score, you have to act quickly. There are no professional judges at the event.

The Welsh Mummy Blogs family had lots of fun submitting our votes! Fans acting as the judges really makes you feel part of the Monster Jam family!

The competition results are below:


El Toro Loco

RACING – Round 1

Max-D defeated Scooby-Doo!

Monster Energy defeated Pirate’s Curse

Zombie defeated EarthShaker

Grave Digger defeated Wonder Woman

El Toro Loco defeated Max-D

Monster Energy defeated Megaladon


El Toro Loco defeated Zombie

Monster Energy defeated Grave Digger


Monster Energy defeated El Toro Loco


EL Toro Loco 9.158

Grave Digger 8.974

Max-D 8.815

Monster Energy 8.725

Pirate’s Curse 7.045

Zombie 5.810

Scooby-Doo! 4.741

Megaladon 3.472

Wonder Woman 2.817

EarthShaker DNC


Grave Digger 9.782

El Toro Loco 8.269

Wonder Woman 7.957

Max-D 7.919

EarthShaker 7.469

Pirate’s Curse 7.236

Megaladon 7.111

Zombie 5.947

Scooby-Doo! 5.743

Monster Energy 3.353

Welsh Daddy is a fan of Monster Energy and although Ethan and I are Grave Digger supporters, I found myself cheering for EL Toro Loco. Driver Mark List had the fans in the palm of his hand! He really put on a fantastic show for everyone, its no wonder he was event champion.

Scooby Doo had a run of bad luck at the event. It really wasn’t the drivers (Linsey Read) day. Scooby took a lot of bumps and knocks. Scooby flipped on its back a few times and by the end of the event, Scooby had just a tail left as majority of the trucks casing had fallen off. Ethan found this highly amusing!!

All drivers showcased some amazing talent, I was really impressed with Wonder Women (Haley Gauley) her freestyle was really entertaining. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see many back-flips this year, it was only Grave Digger who, whilst free-styling, did a back-flip.

It wasn’t only the Monster Jam drivers that impressed me this year. Chris Brock (UK freestyle motocross rider) had me jumping in my seat with his super daring, but highly impressive bike tricks. He really has exceptional bike skills!! Ethan loved watching the motocross riders fly through the air whilst holding onto their bikes with one hand!

Monster Jam

The event was over and it was time to go home. Crowds cheered event champion El Toro Loco (Mark List) and left the stadium. What a fantastic day, I can not wait until next year!!!

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