Santa’s Toy Mine at The Rhondda Heritage Park 2018

Yesterday we visited Father Christmas!!!

I know it seems a bit early but places book up so fast these days!

We were going to head to our usual Santa spot at Cardiff Hamleys this year, but having attended Hamley’s for the past 3 years, we wanted to do something different.

Welsh Daddy spotted an ad for the Rhondda Heritage Park a few weeks back.

From November 24 until December 24 Father Christmas and his helpers will be at this popular family attraction, setting up his Toy Mine in the former colliery.

We just had to go!!! For once, it’s a place I have never been!!

I really didn’t know what to expect. To be honest the thought of going down a mine terrified me, I’m no good with confined spaces.

I really had nothing to worry about though.


As we entered the Rhondda Heritage Park, we were met by festive music and an amazing Christmas tree!!

The Christmas decorations were suburb, I think a lot of hard work went into making the park look so festive.

We started by collecting our tickets.

Inculded in your ticket is a present for each child and the adults receive a voucher for a hot drink and a mince pie upon arrival.

You have the option to buy a professional photo of your child with Santa. Please note – You can take your own photos if you wish.

Ticket Prices

24th November – 16th December

  • Children £10.95
  • Under 1 years old £5.95
  • Adults £6.95

Christmas week 17th December – 24thDecember

  • Children £11.95
  • Under 1 years old £6.95
  • Adults £7.95

Our tour was booked for 13.20. We arrived an hour early so we could take a look around.

There was so much to do! As we had never been before, we spent a lot of time in the museum. It was so interesting.

Dad and Harry

After some colouring and reading about our local history we took a walk around the craft stalls.

Ethan enjoying the colouring in the museum

The craft stalls were full of magic and wonder. From toy stalls to sweet stalls, there was hours of browsing to be had.

Craft stalls

A small view of the craft stalls

Our favourite craft stall was one that had Harry Potter inspired items and other unusual bits and bobs.


Our favourite stall – Wands!!

We grabbed our coffee and mince pie and then waited for our tour guide to call us.

Our tour guide was fully dressed in miners gear. He gathered the small crowd of people who was booked on the tour and ushered us to the mine.

The mine lift can only hold a certain amount of people at one time, so the tour groups are quite small.

We got in the lift and my panic started! I’m so glad the lift was decorated with fairy lights otherwise I may not have got in, haha!!!

The kids and Welsh Daddy loved the lift though.

The lift stopped and the doors opened.

Our eyes were met with a colourful display of lights and we could hear Christmas tunes being played.

Our tour guide informed us that Santa was around somewhere but we had to find clues to guide us in the right direction.

Every child on the tour looked excited and intrigued – Where’s Santa!!

We carried on walking through the amazingly decorated mine and found our clues along the way.

Each clue pointed us to a door. At each door we would have to say a special word or give it a loud knock for it to open.

Each room we entered was decorated differently.

One of the rooms had a snowstorm!! The kids and I got covered in foam snow, we loved it!!!

After walking for a while we finally found our final clue. It directed us to a room where we could hear something snoozing.

The something snoozing was a reindeer!! His name was Caradog.

Shouting out his name, Caradog awoke.

He told us that he was a special reindeer that made sure the children in Wales would get a visit from Santa.

After our chat with Caradog, we turned around and Santa was there! He had been watching us silently.

The whole crowd cheered!!!

The kids started jumping up and down and the parents looked surprised that Santa had been watching them too!

Santa ushered us into his magical grotto, taking the time to acknowledge each and every child as they entered the room.

Once in the grotto, we took a seat and then in turn each child walked up to Santa for a little chat and a gift.

Ethan said he would love an inventors kit and Harrison would like a Star Wars set of figures that he can share with his brother.

Boy with santa

Harrison with Santa

Boy with Santa
Ethan with Santa

Other activities include; Make Your Own Teddy Bear Workshop – Additional cost.

Toy Mine tours are almost sold out! I strongly advise you book online. You can book HERE


  1. Jess Roberts

    Hi do you have more details about the wand stands, the people who make them? My lot are obsessed with Harry Potter!
    Jessica x

    1. Kim

      Hi Jessica. I am the owner of the wand shop. There are some wands still available for sale in the market but I am also on face book. Our business page is kimkraft creations. If you message us I can send you pictures of all items available and the current offers we have on. Thank you. Kim x

  2. Kim

    Hi welsh mummy blogs.
    Thank you so much for the amazing comment on our wand shop. I am so glad you had a great day out at the toy mines! and it was so nice to meet you. Hope you have a magical christmas!
    Kim x

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