Spider-Man Homecoming – Chapter Arts Super Spectacular

Now I wouldn’t usually take Ethan (age 5) to see a 12A movie without watching it myself first, however I’ve had positive reviews from friends who said the film Spider- Man Homecoming, is actually quite kid friendly.

With this in mind I chose to take Ethan to see the movie…if it was to grown-up for him then we could just leave.

Spider-Man Homecoming tells the story of Peter Parker as a teenager. Peter with the help of his mentor Tony Stark, tries to balance his life as an ordinary high school student in New York City while fighting crime as his superhero alter ego Spider-Man.

We arrived at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff. Surprised, we found Chapter were putting on a special screening of the movie with some super extras.

Whilst queuing up to get into the cinema, we found everyone with a ticket to Spider-Man being ushered into a side room.

So following the cinema attendants instruction we made our way into the side room. Inside we found three kids dressed as superheros! The kids were great! They told the audience that they were superheros after a villain. Ethan was so excited watching the kids act.

We met the villain, he was scary…the superheros tried their best to capture him…but he got away! So with the baddie getting away the kids took us to the cinema where we would watch the movie whilst they try to find and capture him.

As we entered the cinema we noticed it was decorated with spider webs and other bits and bobs.

Before the screening of our movie, instead of the usual movie trailers, we watched some homemade movie trailers that the superhero kids had made.

The homemade trailers were quite funny and Ethan seemed to enjoy them.

The film itself was fantastic, Ethan loved it…he kept looking up at me saying ‘Mum this is awesome’

After the movie the superhero kids came back and finished there act. We did not see them capture the villain as we had to leave to pick up Harrison, but I am sure they did!

Got to say, Chapter put on a really good event for all. I am looking forward to them doing something similar in the future.

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