St Fagans Ghosts caught on Camera- UPDATED – Civil War??

Today our family visited St Fagans (25th October 2016). Halloween is fast approaching so we decided to go and help build the Wicker Man.

We had a lovely day with our friends, the kids enjoyed playing and us parents enjoyed a nice stress free day.

I took many photos of our day and when I returned home I had a look through them. Three photos in and I see something strange in the bushes in front of my son.

I zoomed in and saw what looks like people. Here are the pictures –


The picture after using an Instagram filter

Spooky right!


After looking at these photos for a few hours and not sleeping well, I believe this could be two men in Civil War uniform. Below are some pictures of Civil War uniform.

I posted this photo on to Facebook pages and some spiritualists have seen the same. I have had some people say that there is also a child in the photo.

We were located here – A child’s tractor play area

South Wales Paranormal Research Investigators are now doing tests on the photo to see what they can make of it.

I have done a little research myself and after typing into my google search bar ‘Civil War St Fagans area’ I found all of this!!

The Battle of St Fagans

The Battle of St Fagans was a pitched battle in the Second English Civil War in 1648.

I am not saying that this is FACT and this is what it is however, no one yet can explain what is in the photos.

I will continue to update this post as and when I get new information.

Update –

We had our original picture tested by Paul Napier of South Wales Paranormal.

This is what happen to the photos – No physical body heat is detected (below)

St Fagans has reenacted the photo – Someone is quite clearly stood behind the bush.


What you make of the pictures is up to you.

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