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My four year old son Ethan and I were invited to The Borrowers press release last night and I must say it was fantastic!

If you are looking for adventure, fun and a really good family night out then you need to be heading to the Sherman Theatre to watch this years Christmas spectacular The Borrowers.

The Borrowers tells the classic story of pocket sized Borrowers Pod, Homily and their daughter Arrietty.

The Borrowers is a coming-of-age story about striving for independence, understanding the need to let go, and celebrating the importance of family.

Arrietty has no idea of the dangers that are above the floorboards. One day she meets a human boy,  he then accidentally gets The Borrowers caught by the nasty old Mrs Driver. Forced to leave their home under the floorboards Arrietty learns what it is to be independent and strong.

Directed by Amy Leach, The Borrowers is a spirited and funny production that combines delightful script with playful use of set, design and music to tell the tale of the pocket-sized Clock Family.

Ethan is only four years old but as a keen theatre goer I paid no attention to the recommend age of 7 years +

Ethan was really excited to be going to the theatre with Mummy and his friend Carys. Sherman 5 supported us with a Taxi to the event.

Ethan and Carys

We arrived, the Sherman was buzzing with energy. Kids were excitedly waiting for the doors to the main stage to open.

We had just enough time to grab some juice and a pot of sweets before we took our seats.

Ethan was smiling as he eagerly awaited the start of the show.

At first, Ethan didn’t understand what was happening. He was confused because the little people I had been telling him about all afternoon, were in fact big people on stage.The confusion didn’t last long though, as soon as Arrietty met Boy he knew what was happening.

The whole performance was very cleverly put together and directed. I loved the use of gigantic props and video projection. The sound and music was well directed, it perfectly added suspense, fear and joy to the performance where needed.

Not to mention the acting was superb!

Here is what the Director Amy Leach says about The Borrowers

“This is a timeless tale of young people coming of age, making mistakes and learning to be the best human being (or Borrower) they can be. It’s the story of a family fleeing from their home, of grown-ups learning to embrace change, of making do and being grateful for what we have, and of standing up to bullies no matter how small we are. It feels as important a story to tell now as it must have done to Mary Norton when she first dreamt it up in the years following the Second World War.”

Most of the cast of The Borrowers are home grown from around South Wales.

Arrietty is played by Kesrena James. Born and brought up in Cardiff, Kesrena began her career in acting performing as a member of Sherman Theatre’s longstanding Youth Theatre. Kesrena is currently appearing on screen as Ruth in Ordinary Lies (BBC1).

Pod is played by popular Welsh Actor Keiron Self  known for Arabian Nights & The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (Sherman Theatre) and My Family (BBC1)

Homily is played by Cait Davies (Frantic Assembly, The Twits (Royal Court) plays opposite him as the homely matriarch.

The rest of the cast take on multiple roles; all a joy to watch.

Huw Blainey plays Boy/Cricket and Uncle Hendreary. Huw is known for The Snow Queen (Theatre by the Lake) The Borrowers (New Vic Theatre) and Macbyrd (The rude Mechanical Theatre Company)

Joseph Tweedale plays Crampfurl/Spiller and Moth. Originally from Penarth, Joe returns to the Sherman, having played Peter in last year’s The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

The cast are joined by  composer and musician Dom Coyote (Kneehigh Theatre; Songs for The End of the World – Origins Award for outstanding achievement, Vault Festival) in performing a beautiful cinematic score, rooted in piano and brass to create a recognisably Christmassy sound that’s accessible, familiar and wholly original.

Hayley Grindle’s design (Iphigenia in Splott, Arabian Nights, The Ugly Duckling – Sherman Theatre) combines beautiful set, theatrical tricks and video projection to play with sense of scale and perspective. I have never seen a set so original and magical!

Towards the end of the show I will admit that my little one was tired, it was way past his bed time.  Saying that, he soon perked up when we got to meet some of the cast in the foyer.

The Borrowers was by far the best performance I have seen this year! I would recommend it over any cheesy Christmas Panto any day!

The kids give The Borrowers a big thumbs up!!


The Borrowers runs from 25 November – 31 December at Sherman Theatre.

£15 – £25
Previews: £12 – £20
Concessions: £2 off
Under 25s: Half price
Schools price: £8 (1 teacher per 10 pupils goes free)


Production images (C) Kirsten McTernan

We received press tickets for an honest review.

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