Truly Magical Christmas Experience – Hamleys Cardiff

Hamleys Grotto has become a firm family favourite for the Welsh Mummy Blogs household for a few years. With each year seeming to get better and better.

Yesterday evening we all headed to the Cardiff Hamley store located in the St David’s Dewi Sant Cardiff 

The boys were really excited to be seeing the big man himself and now that Harry is 3 years old he understands who Santa is which makes the experience even more magical.

We were welcomed at the front of the Store by Santa’s elves. Instantly the kids attention was on the elves.  The elves were great, I loved how they really got into character! Ethans favourite elf was papa elf; papa elf has thumbs that glow and he can run really fast, so fast that you hardly see him move…but he does 😉

Once inside the grotto I noted how homely and festively decorated it was. It was magical and full of Christmas charm.

Whilst waiting for Santa the children sat around a big table full of Christmas themed arts and crafts. The boys made some festive stickers.


Santa has arrived! The children jumped about smiling as Santa walked into the room making his way to his chair.

Santa wants to read all the children a story. The children gathered around him as he read The Snowman and the Snowdog. I looked around the room, delight and magic was in every child’s eyes.

Hamley’s hire the same actor to play Father Christmas every year, he is by far the best St Nick I have ever met and it is really nice for the boys to visit the same Father Christmas every year!

After the story Santa, the elves and the children played party games. They played a game of musical statues, everyone was having a good time

Then it was time to write a Christmas list. The feeling in the room was fantastic, children were looking at mums and dads asking them how to spell the words that represent their favourite toy before writing it down on the list.

After writing a Christmas list each child had a one to one chat with Santa. The great thing about Hamleys is that you can take photos of your Father Christmas experience without having to pay for your photo.

The 45 minute session was coming to an end, the boys didn’t want to leave! Santa handed each child a Hamley’s gift bag. Inside was a teddy bear, coloring pencils, a Hamleys Christmas tree decoration and a book titled ‘I met Father Christmas at Hamleys’. That was not all though, before leaving the store each child was handed an empty cup to fill with sweets from the sweet station.

Santa will be in store on selected dates from Saturday 25th November – Sunday 24th December 2017.

More information on the Hamleys Father Christmas experience –

How much does it cost?
£19.99 per child. Bookings must be made and paid for in advance.

What age is it for?
Meet Father Christmas at Hamleys Cardiff suits ages 2-8 years.

How many children are allowed per session?
A maximum of 14 children per session.

Are parents allowed to watch?
Yes, however, we can only allow strictly one adult per child in the party room at a time. Additional adults will be granted entry but we will insist that only one adult per child is in the room at any one time. This is due to space restrictions. If more than one adult per child wishes to attend they must swap in and out of the room. This will allow everyone attending to be involved in the event with their child. This also ensures that every child has space to enjoy an extra-special Christmas experience.

What does this event include?
The Hamleys Elves
Fun games & activities
Write & post your Christmas wish list to the North Pole
Balloon & sticker
Gift Bag
Meet Father Christmas himself
Scrumpalicious sweet treats to take home

To book your ticket please click HERE 

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