Welsh Speaking Father Christmas at Cardiff Castle – School Trip

This morning I volunteered at Ethan’s school.

We are off to see Siôn Corn (Santa) at the Cardiff Castle!! I think I was more excited than the kids!

I did try again this year to book tickets to see Santa at the Castle but once again the tickets had sold out.

Luckily for Ethan, his school had booked a visit to the big man himself.

We arrived at the school early and got on the mini bus. The children were happy, excited and eager to meet Santa.

We arrived…

We were to start by having a tour of the Castle and then meet Siôn Corn. The Castle tour was great, we got to explore rooms that are usually closed off to the public.  The tour guide herself was lovely, she really involved the children by asking them lots of questions.

After hearing and learning about the history of the Castle, Lord Bute and his family we went off in search of Siôn Corn.

We walked down secret staircases and through festively decorated corridors before finding ourselves in Santa’s Grotto!

Today we were in for a real treat…Santa would talk to the children in Welsh!

As most know – I dont speak Welsh but Ethan attends a Welsh School.

It was lovely watching the children, listening and understanding Siôn Corn as he spoke about his grotto and then asked them one by one what they would like for Christmas.

Ethan said LEGO Star Wars!! (So glad I have got that!)

After our visit we headed back to school. Teachers, parents and kids were happy and feeling ready for Christmas.


Nadolig llawen!!

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