7 Reasons why I entered the 2K Family Fun Run hosted by Kidney Wales

As most of my readers are aware. The Welsh Mummy Blogs family have signed up to take part in the 2K family fun run in Cardiff this year.

There are many reasons why we have decided to take part, fundraising being one of them but we have more reasons why we have signed up.

Below you will find my 7 reasons why.

  • The run will be a memorable experience, especially when sharing it with those who mean the most to me. It will be a rewarding challenge that, as a family, we will happily look back at. There are families who participate on a yearly basis and whose children consider it a family tradition.


  • It encourages anyone to participate, regardless of their age or health. Thousands of people come together each year and take on the 2K Family Fun Run, whether they’re a newbie to running or an old hand in the running game. Every year many entries are from people who live with kidney disease and are directly affected by it. It’s encouraging to see those people are still participating and unite with them for the Kidney Wales cause.


  • Running for a good cause is not only rewarding, it also helps teach my children about the importance of working for a good cause. Whether your fundraising for Kidney Wales or another local charity, the Family Fun Run allows you to teach your children to give back to society.


  • You get to do something you enjoy for a cause you believe in. Kidney disease affects 10,000 people in Wales which is likely to increase in the coming years. More children have become affected by kidney disease and are on dialysis or a transplant list. By running for Kidney Wales, you can help raise funds that will further support the cause and families affected by kidney disease.


  • They keep it local. It’s encouraging to take part in a race that focuses directly on the people of Wales.


  • You get to run through the beautiful streets of Cardiff as a family. This year’s route has changed and will be the fastest and flattest track yet. This not only makes it an easier track to run, but it also goes right through the heart of Cardiff, making it a scenic route to run.


  • You’ll feel a sense of achievement after you completed the race. All children receive a medal after the race and a tech t-shirt to wear during the run, enabling them to remember the event and the sense of achievement always. All of that for just £5 which is part of the ticket, is a bonus that motivates younger entries.


Ava, a mum from Cardiff who’s running with her daughter, said: “The Family Fun Run offers a great opportunity to increase my daughter’s awareness around kidney disease whilst simultaneously encouraging her to take part in running and keeping fit. I look forward to doing this together as a team.”

So there you have my 7 reasons why!

Are you taking part in the family fun run? I would love to read your reasons why in the comment section below.

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