AQUA Carpatica water with very low Nitrate levels : Ideal for babies, toddlers, expectant mothers and great for everyone else too.

I was recently sent some water to review, yes you read that right, water!

I am a water drinker, I much prefer it over juice, pop or squash; so when I was asked to review AQUA Carpatica I couldn’t refuse.

I prefer bottled water to tap water, I go as far as to store bottles of water at home. I am not saying tap water is bad for you, in my opinion water is important no matter what its source, as long as it’s clean and safe.

When the bottles of water arrived I put them straight in the fridge to cool (warm water is not my thing) Once cooled I poured myself a glass.

Yummy, tastes like water.
Okay, I am not saying that the earth moved for me when drinking this, but it defiantly tasted clean, clear, refreshing and I didn’t get a bitter aftertaste.

I loved the packaging, it was nice to know that my plastic bottle is BPA free and 100% recyclable.

Looking closer at the bottle, I noticed the nitrates level was much lower than my usual bottle of water. This got me thinking.

Clinical studies have shown a connection between high nitrate levels during pregnancy and various health issues in babies.

Women are advised to avoid nitrates in pregnancy. Young children and babies, especially under six months, can become ill if exposed to nitrate levels above 10 mg/L.

What are nitrates?

Nitrates are heavy oxidants.
They are undesirable substances, harmful for human health. The ingestion of a large quantity can cause gastric problems, hives and rashes and other reactions or illnesses.

Chemical fertilizers
They are used as chemical fertilisers in intensive agriculture. Other sources of nitrates include septic tank leakage, livestock manure, and erosion of natural deposits.

Tasteless, colourless and odourless
Tasteless, colourless and odourless, nitrates are absorbed by plant roots, but their excessive use pollutes water tables and aquifers, and eventually contaminates our bottled waters. Nitrates are potent oxidants that are harmful to humans and have been found to have short-term and long-term ill health effects. Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) = 50 mg/L (according to EU legislation)

AQUA Carpatica is naturally pure, with a very low nitrate level (0.7 mg/L) its ideal for babies, toddlers, expectant mothers and great for everyone else too.

Not only does the water contain low nitrate levels, it has the lowest Sodium level of any bottled natural mineral water. Many say it is the silkiest water on earth! AQUA Carpatica says, It is the ideal water choice for the most demanding health conscious people, pregnant women, organic food lovers and those with active lifestyles.

Sourced from the untouched springs within the Carpathian Mountains. Every drop of water is derived from two untouched springs deep within the pristine and beautiful Carpathian Mountains, which are home to the last remaining unspoilt forests in Europe. With no agriculture or industrial activity in the surrounding areas, AQUA Carpatica’s source is protected from chemicals, fertilizers, CFCs and other contaminants providing consumers with a healthier alternative and more transparent label.

It is available in three varieties: Still Natural Mineral Water, Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water and Forte Intensely Sparkling Mineral Water.

AQUA Carpatica’s Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water:
Naturally carbonated by a unique geological volcanic structure and filtered by nature for 40 years, whilst it’s Still Natural Mineral Water is has an underground journey of 15 years. At no stage do humans interfere with or process the water, meaning that it is impeccably pure and free from all contaminants. It is a naturally pure water, just as nature intended.

AQUA Carpatica’s Still Natural Mineral Water:
Contains natural electrolytes and minerals with a naturally high pH level (7.8) delivering a naturally refreshing and unforgettable taste immediately.

Every litre provides Potassium, nearly 24% of an adult’s recommended daily requirement of Calcium and 16% of Magnesium

Health Comparison Table

Carpatica is the ideal water of choice for people with high blood pressure and those pursuing low-Sodium diets.

AQUA Carpatica is available throughout the UK and Ireland:
· RRP 0.69p for 500ml Still Natural Mineral Water
· RRP 0.75p for 500ml Naturally Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
· RRP £0.89 for 1 litre and £0.99 for 1.5 litre Still Natural Mineral Water
· RRP £1.35 for 1.5 litre Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

You can grab a bottle from many stores including Tesco, Ocado, Amazon and Harrods.

For more health information please CLICK HERE



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